Science and Technology program for kids ….


BRAINopolis exposes kids to tools for the future

  • Drones operation
  • Digital media
  • Animation (Graphic communication)
  • Coding
  • Robotix
  • Applied math to digital music composition

Ocean (Zoomay)

Ocean (Zoomay) is part of our Animagination series.

In this episode we talk about continents and oceans on the planet. We analyze the similarities in the proportion of water in the planet and the human body. We see the relation between fresh water levels on earth and compare them to the world’s population growth. 

Brainopolis classes are so incredible! I have had two children involved in them for several years now. From learning the foreign language of code on computers, to the science behind ocean kiddos have loved and looked forward to every single class they take.

I feel so fortunate to have found the Brainopolis classes. In the age of technology, Brainopolis has mastered the art of incorporating it into fun, creative, and hands on ways to expand young minds. Thank you to all the staff for making such fun memories for my children!

Charlotte (mother of Chase and Aidan)

Do you turn into a potato kid after school?


Is this your Mom telling you to stop doing nothing?


Is this your Dad when he checks how much

data and time you spend in front of a screen?

Then it's time you join BRAINopolis

 to get exposed to tools for the future



Digital Music



  Reverse engineering

Join BRAINopolis.

You will have fun learning

while your parents have more time to do what they like.


P.S. Just keep an eye on them to make sure
they don't go too wild while you are learning.

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Give boredom a rest and join our learning quest

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