2019 Summer Camps at Frisco Athletic Center
5828 Nancy Jane Lane, Frisco, TX 75035
(972) 292-6600

June 3rd - June 7th: 

Pokemon Programming (Ages 6-11)
Course Number: 15566
Price: $185-$195
Help Pikachu against Charizard. Bulbosaur to find a ride to a pokéstop, and teach Squirtle to play with pokéballs. In this Pokemon mission you will learn coding commands to create your own computer games. You will use costume commands, blocks and user interaction routines. Why play the games that everyone has when you can make your own. Brainopolis will enable laptops to work in class. Some activities will require students to share a laptop and work in pairs. Bring your own mouse and flash drive.

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June 24th - June 28th: 

Start an Animated YouTube Channel (Ages 7-13)
Course Number: 15564
Price: $185-$195
Create your own YouTube animation channel. Define the channel’s concept and mission. Develop scripts. Use Flash to create storyboards. Learn the basics of sound recording using the Audacity tool. Then use Adobe Animate to create backdrops and object symbols. Combine digital elements with the use of our digital puppets to create animated shorts. Given the amount of time that is needed to animate, students will not create their own characters but use our cartoon characters to practice animation. BRAINopolis will enable laptops for the kids to work in class. Bring your own mouse and flash drive to class.

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July 15th - July 19th: 

Fortnite Gliding (Ages 6-11)
Course Number: 15563
Price: $185-$195
Based on the apocalyptic survival game theme, the kids will use the scratch coding tool to recreate the floating bus, aerostatic balloon and glider effect. The kids will trace their own digital images, design the landing terrain and use coding to animate the flying and landing scenes. This camp will focus on creativity and programming logic. It will not include any destruction or violence. The kids are welcome to bring their own electronics to play during the break.

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August 5th - August 9th: 

Minecraft Entrepreneur (Ages 6-11)
Course Number: 15565
Price: $185-$195
Create your own hypothetical real estate business. Design and build digital properties using Minecraft. You will create your company name, logo, slogan, property catalog, and code an animated commercial to advertise you digital properties. This class will help you with teamwork, creativity, focus, and will give you the opportunity to present your project. BRAINopolis will enable laptops to work in class. Some activities will require students to share a laptop and work in pairs. Bring your own mouse and flash drive.


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