2019 Summer Camps at PSA McKinney 

7205 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

To register call (972) 208-5437 or click here

Top secret PSA Mckinney-BRAINopolis "all camps" flyer

July 29th - August 2nd: 

Drones and Aviation (Ages: 8-13)
Price: $185
Sore the skies in this aviation adventure. You will participate in missions to fly drones, create take home models of flying objects such as a motorized helicopter, plane, parachute, UFO and spaceship. You will learn about FAA rules, drone flying safety, aerodynamics, self driven planes and other inventions that will impact the future of aviation. BRAINopolis will provide the safety equipment and materials. For the safety of the kids, unruly and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

Fortnite Gliding (Ages 6-11) 
Price: $185
Based on the apocalyptic survival game theme, the kids will use the scratch coding tool to recreate the floating bus, aerostatic balloon and glider effect. The kids will trace their own digital images, design the landing terrain and use coding to animate the flying and landing scenes. This camp will focus on creativity and programming logic. It will not include any destruction or violence. The kids are welcome to bring their own electronics to play during the break.

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August 5th - August 9th: 

Artificial Intelligence (Ages 6-13) 
Price: $185
Create a heart pace maker model, code a heart monitor simulator, program a digital car that memorizes where obstacles are and a digital robot that asks people questions and learns from the answers to communicate. We will learn about Watson and other AI tools and their connection with robotics. Brainopolis will enable laptops to work in class. Some activities will require students to share a laptop and work in pairs. Bring your own mouse and flash drive.

Amusement Park (Ages 7-13)
Price: $185
Create models for amusement park rides as you learn about forces, roller coasters, G-force and the elevator of terror will allow you to create awesome ride models using centrifugal, centripetal, gravity and kinetic force. 

To register to PSA camps: 

PSA Mckinney condensed flyer: 

2019 PSA Mckinney summer flyer 2019 PSA Mckinney summer flyer (452 KB)

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