2020 Virtual Camps for kids 7 to 13 years old

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Minecraft Programming (Ages 7-11) – Do you love Minecraft?
Do you want to make and customize your own games?
Use Minecraft characters, tools, and backdrops to create original games.
Practice coding different conditionals, subroutines, repetitions and
action commands. Become a Scratch programming expert with the
live assistance of our experienced instructors. 
Price = $150

Maximum capacity = 7 kids per camp


Pokemon Programming (Ages 7-11) – Help Pikachu against Charizard.
Guide Bulbasaur to the nearest pokestop. In this Pokemon mission,
you will learn coding commands to create your own Pokemon-themed
computer games. You will use costume commands, blocks, interaction
routines, and more. Why play the games that everyone has when you
can make your ownBecome a Scratch programming expert with the
live assistance of our experienced instructors.

Click on the image below to watch a very short video about Pokemon Programming
Price = $150

Maximum capacity = 7 kids per camp


YouTube Pop-Up Studio (Ages 7-13) 

Join our one-of-a-kind online film studio!

Create your own Muppet who will be the star

of the videos you make. Create a script, film,

edit, add sound effects, and customize your

video production for YouTube. Our instructors

will guide you online, through the movie-making

process, as you direct and produce your own short film.

A sanitized package of project materials will be delivered

to each student. 

Click the image below to see a very short video about YouTube Pop-Up Studio

Price = $200
Includes 1 year software license to Movavi video editor
Includes bag of materials to make your own muppet.

Maximum capacity = 7 kids per camp


Graphic Design (Ages 7-13) – Do you like art and design?
In our online graphic design camp, our instructors will virtually
demonstrate how to create cool content, for flyers, posters,
logos, and more. Learn how to make GIFs and memes using
a fun program. You will also learn how to create a website
to showcase your work.

Price = $150

Maximum capacity = 7 kids per camp


Machine Learning  (Ages 7-11) – Join our online group of
thinkers to create your own artificial intelligence solutions.
Code an automated digital vehicle that memorizes the
location of obstacles. Design and code your own digital
chatbot that interacts with you and your friends.

Click the image below to see a very short video about Machine Learning

Price = $150

Maximum capacity = 7 kids per camp


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