Are you against kids sitting down like potatoes all day?


Do you want them doing something more interactive?

We offer workshops for elementary, middle and high school. Most of our workshops include hands-on activities and take-home projects. Below some of the themes we offer.

  • Invention Creation
  • Ages 6-11
  • Max # of kids: 20
  • Activity: Create your own motorized artifacts

  • Coding
  • Ages 6-15
  • Max # of kids: 15 per group
  • Create your own mini computer games using the Minecraft, Pokemon, Spongebob and other fun themes


  • DJ Academy
  • Ages 7-15
  • Max # of kids: 12
  • Mix and create digital music using legit DJ software and controllers
  • Sharkology
  • Ages: 7-15
  • Max # of kids: 15
  • Enjoy a hands-on anatomy experience and learn how you could potentially cure and help animals and people in the future.
How do I book a workshop?
I am running out of time!

To book an event just click this button
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          Ready to party?          
Enjoy the DJ Academy at     
your place or a place near    
you. We bring the equipment
and teach you how to use it  
so that you and your guest    
can become the disc jockeys
at your own party.                  

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We apologize if any of the below projects look like someone you know. It's mere coincidence. 


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