Our Mission:

At Brainopolis, our mission is to inspire children to become future scientists and leaders by challenging them to analyze and solve problems applying science and technology in a safe environment that promotes empathy and respect to others and the environment.

Our Story:

When my son was in elementary school, he was the nerdy type. More interested in books and not so good at sports. And because he wasn’t good at sports, he did not always fit in.  He was left behind when the kids organized in teams and many times he came back home sad because he felt excluded.  I felt helpless. I wanted to go to school with him and somehow make it better for him.

It was until one day I thought about creating a program that may attract other kids like him. I collected my learning experiences as an engineer working in 3 continents at multiple industries. I created cartoon characters and stories to engage the kids in situations and complemented the stories and theory with hands-on projects. And in January of 2011 Brainopolis started with a group of 7 kids in beautiful Plano Texas and gradually expanded to thousands of kids in different cities.

Brainopolis now has its own books, videos and a database of over 500 topics including nanotechnology, biomedical robotics, dissections, money management, coding and many other topics. We expose the kids to a diverse array of concepts and challenge them to create hands-on projects using limited resources.

Brainopolis offered my son the opportunity to meet other nerdy kids like him to make friends with. It also helped other parents to find a safe program for their smart kids. Our classes promote recycling, saving resources, empathy, collaboration and inventing. Our goal is to gradually build a community of children thinking for the future.

As parents we cannot stop to worry about the future of our children, but exposing them to diverse topics and nurturing their creativity to solve challenges will bring the problem solver in them and give them the tools to find happiness on their own.  And if at some point those kids grow to become rich and share with us parents then maybe we can also find happiness retiring comfortably by the beach šŸ˜Š

Now entering Brainopolis!

Our ValuesB-R-A-I-N-O-P-O-L-I-S

 Be a safe, convenient, and honest choice for parents who wish to enrich their kids’ science and technology literacy.
 Remind kids that science and technology are tools that can be used to solve problems.
  They must be used with empathy, ethics, and good intentions.


 Accept and respect people of all backgrounds.
 Innovate - Continue to develop new programs as STEAM changes around the world.


 Nourish kids’ creativity in every lesson.

 Offer a wide variety of themes that expose kids to geography, history, science, art and technology

 Promote the use of household and simple recyclable materials to invent and develop problem solving ideas.
 Offer a wide variety of activities to keep the children busy and engaged in meaningful tasks.

ove and embrace the fun of doing Brainopolis.
  It’s not just about teaching, packing, or training, it’s about making things in a fun way.

   Interact with kids in a respectful and caring manner while they are at Brainopolis.

 Share and give back to the community
  (a portion of tuition goes back to support initiatives that expose kids to science and technology).

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Give boredom a rest and join our learning quest

Start inventing with BRAINopolis.


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