We live in a world surrounded by technology. 

A lot of kids immerse themselves into electronics commonly watching and playing games that sometimes pollute their minds with violence or add little value to their growth. On the other hand, parents cannot stop the increase of technology in all areas of their children's lives; however, we can encourage children to use games to inspire their creativity and provide them with skills that will enrich their computer knowledge.

2D Animation

Are you tired of seeing your kids mindlessly playing endless computer games? Our 2D coding classes will teach your kids to code their own animated commercials and computer games so they learn while they play. For our children's generation, understanding coding will not be a luxury, but a basic need in the future.

3D Animation | Design your own animation

Virtual reality will rapidly propagate into games and advertising. Give your kids the gift of 3D coding and animation. They will use digital online cameras to record their own stories with animated characters. Understanding 3D animation can help the kids to prepare for studies in art or science.

Game Design | Make your own RPG Game

RPG Maker helps the kids to code computer game levels, define the structure and flow of stories and scripts. Our program helps your kids learn not only the logic behind the coding of their game, but the aesthetics and inner workings of their games too. Give your kids the gift of "logic" and empower them to think outside the box.

Minecraft Programming | Code your own version

Why play with Minecraft all day if you can build your own version of Minecraft yourself? Instead of playing the games others have created, you could be coding and creating your own game. Create your own version of minecraft with us to share with your family and friends!

Pokemon Programming | Code your own games

Challenge yourself using coding commands to build your games based on Pokemon characters. Spend time in front of a screen doing creative and constructive work with friends and your favorite pokemon characters.

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