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Brainopolis Uses the Da Vinci Method

 Brainopolis is an enrichment Science and Technology program for kids 5-13. We use what we call the "Da Vinci" method which stimulates both sides of the brain.

The structural and cognitive side by teaching kids science concepts. And the artistic side by having them build take-home solution models using their creativity.

Mucus (Dinoxander)

Mucus (Dinoxander) is part of our The guts and other gross things series.

In this episode we talk about the respiratory system and how mucus helps to keep it healthy. We also talk about the amount of mucus that the body produces and the fact that the color of mucus is a result of how sick a person is.

Brainopolis has open my girls minds up to creativity, invention and innovation. They are excited about the exercises and exploration of things in science more than ever. They feel very accomplished when they bring home that creations they have built themselves. My 5 year old recently came home not satisfied that her gumball machine she made didn't dispense actual gum so she proceeded to reconfigure it to make it happen. This is great!!! I love that Brainopolis exposes girls to technology and science.

Shadonika (mother of Peyton and Parker)

Why Brainopolis?

  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Our cartoon characters solve problems using STEAM.
  • We bring our own laptops, software, and materials for the kids. 
  • We expose the kids to multiple coding languages and robotics platforms.
  • Take home hands-on projects in every session. 
  • Exercise both sides of their brain: scientific and creative.
  • Instructors are finger printed and background checked.
  • We have our own cartoon characters, books and videos.

The Brainopolis Gang





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