Join our Brainopolis Free Pre-Summer Party at the Microsoft Store in Stonebriar Mall on Tue, May 30 from 6-7:30 pm and enjoy learning Microsoft 3D Paint. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Capacity is limited.
  • Frisco Athletic Center (Frisco)
  • Huffhines Rec. Center (Richardson)
  • Tom Muehlenbeck Rec. Center (Plano)
  • The Edge Visitor Center (Allen)
  • Plano Sports Authority (PSA1 - Plano)
  • PSA (Mckinney)
  • PSA (Murphy)
  • Churchill Rec. Center (Dallas)
  • Wylie Rec Center (Wylie)
  • Aubudon Park (Garland)
  • Hollabaugh Recreation Center (Garland)
  • Scofield Christian School (Highland Park)

    Go to the Register section for more specific information and registration.

Welcome to the Brainopolis website

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What is Brainopolis?

Brainopolis is an enrichment program for kids ages 5 to 13 who are interested in learning and experiencing the fun side of science and technology. The program engages kids in games and group dynamics, promoting learning while inspiring the children to use their creativity.

  • Brainopolis uses what we call the “Da Vinci Approach”, which stimulates the use of both sides of the brain:

  • The artistic and creative side by developing projects
  • The structural and cognitive side by exposing kids to science concepts and basic money management techniques

Each session starts with a presentation on a specific topic, containing 

geography, history, technology, art or engineering facts that help children understand how science is connected to everything and how it can be applied to solve real problems.

After watching our videos, discussing the class topic and finishing an activity in the class, students will not only have a greater understanding of the scientific topic covered, but will also have practiced important portions of the scientific method, such as hypothesizing, making observations, and drawing conclusions.

Our goal is to inspire kids to apply such logical thinking in all areas of their life, and in real-life situations they face.

At Brainopolis, the more you play, the more you learn!

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