S.T.E.A.M. : Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Our STEAM modules start with a video or presentation of our cartoon characters having a problem or mystery to solve. The kids are challenged to come up with ideas on how to invent and build solution models that they can take home. Some solutions include the use of laptops, materials and access to different robotics and coding platforms.

Some of our popular modules are:


Join our crew in this hypothetical quest for a golden treasure hidden in the Indian Ocean to experience SeAdventures. Based on the legend of the “Flower of the Sea”, the Portuguese ship that sank in the Malaysia coast carrying 400 tons of gold. This adventure will teach about cartography, science, geography and marine life. Kids create models of maritime transportation and exploration devices. If you are curious and creative, this quest is for you!

Invention Creation

For the most part the shape of planes, cars, homes and other structures has been the same for many decades. Join our challenge to reshape the design of the things that surround us. Learn about inventors, scientists, machines, and structures. It’s time for change, time to improve and time for “Invention Creation”! 

Mars Colony

The concept of Mars Colony was based on information of NASA’s current programs that focus on preparing future human explorations on Mars. In this module, the kids will embark on a mission to create artifacts and computer programs that will help them on a Mars expedition and colonization. Projects may include a digital rocket launch, a rocket model, assemble a 3D 7' high rocket structure, design their city on Mars, create a Mars rover, orbiters and more. Brainopolis provides all the materials for the class, including laptops for children to code.

Espionage Camouflage

During Espionage Camouflage, the children embark on a hypothetical secret mission as they decipher clues scattered around the world. Their odyssey will take them to The Taj Mahal in Asia, The Giza pyramid in Africa, The Big Ben in Europe and the Statue of Liberty in America. They will analyze computer programs to hack enemies messages, identify counterfeit money and much more. At the end of the journey, they will model a telegraph to transmit the decoded message via Morse code.

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