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Summer 2018

Summer Week Long Camps

Brainopolis DJ Academy


If you like music and technology, this is the camp for you. Learn about beats, phrases, music genres and scratch techniques as you mix and create digital music. Brainopolis will enable a laptop and DJ controllers to work in pairs. Bring your own mouse and headphones. On the last 30 minutes on Friday you will be able to showcase your DJ skills to impress your family and/or friends.

Age: 7-13  

Resident Cost: $145 (Plano resident fee)

August 6th - 10th
9 am - 12 pm
(course 10005)

Brainopolis Zombie Survival Adventure


This is a challenge to survive against zombies. Create models of defense devices, combine ingredients to simulate explosions and chemical reactions that produce gases and foam. Use electric explosive simulators to attack the enemy. You will learn about exothermic reactions, structures, stability, balance and simple machines. Only you can help us in this explosive quest against zombies

Age: 6-11

Resident Cost: $145 (resident fee)

July 30th - August 3rd 
9 am - 12 pm
(course 10464)

Brainopolis Drones and Aviation

Age: 8-13

Resident Cost: $145 (Plano resident fee)

Soar the skies in this aviation adventure. You will participate in missions to fly drones, create take home models of flying objects such as a motorized helicopter, plane, parachute, UFO and spaceship. You will learn about FAA rules, drone flying safety, aerodynamics, self driven planes and other inventions that will impact the future of aviation.   Brainopolis will provide the safety equipment and materials. For the safety of the kids, unruly and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

August 6th - 10th 
1 pm - 4 pm
(course: 9970)



Brainopolis Villains Exterminators

This is a quest against evil villains. To outsmart our enemies we must analyze their strength and weaknesses. Create a lightsaber to counterattack Darth Vader. Make a Batmobile to catch Jocker. Design a spaceship to escape from Snoke. Throw  Plankton away with a catapult. Design a strategy against Jaws assembling a lego-shark model. It’s time to terminate evil!   All take-home project materials included. 

Age: 6-11

Resident Cost; $145 (Plano Resident Fee)

July 30th - August 3rd 
1 pm - 4 pm 
(course 10461)
Summer One-Day Events

Brainopolis-Dissection Club


Are you interested in helping animals and people in the future? Do you have what it takes to be in the medical field? You will learn about animal body systems, medical safety equipment, dress up as a surgeon and perform a guided dissection of a specimen. This is a hands-on anatomy experience that you will not forget.

Age: 6-11

Saturday, August 4 - Squid

10 am - 12 pm

Price: $25 (Resident)

Course: 10458



Brainopolis-DJ Academy Parent Night Out 

Leave your parents at home and join us for a night out of music, lights and DJ practicing. You will use DJ software to mix, add sound effects and combine musical tunes. Brainopolis will enable a computer and controller for each pair of kids. Bring your own mouse and headphones. On the last 20 minutes of class, you will showcase your DJ skills to your parents or anybody else you want to impress. Equipment and pizza included. Bring your own drink.

Age: 7-13

Friday, August 3

6 pm - 9 pm

Price: $29 (Resident)

Course: 9934


Brainopolis-Laser Tag Parents Night Out 

Tired of using electronics all day? Join the? Laser Tag Alliance? In this adventure, you will be recruited as a galaxy guardian. You will build obstacles and shield walls to protect your team. On the first part of this adventure, you will use Nerf devices. When darkness comes, we will switch to laser equipment. Are you ready to design a strategy to save your team and complete your mission? Equipment and pizza included. Bring your own drinks.

Age: 6-11

Friday, August 10

6 pm - 9 pm

Price: $29 (Resident)

Course: 10455

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