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Friday Classes 

Age: 7 - 13 

Resident Cost: $119


Brainopolis DJ Academy

Do you like music and technology? Use creative thinking as you learn the principles of beats,
bars, and tempos to mix music like a professional DJ. You will work with a partner and
prepare to demonstrate your DJ skills on the last session. We bring laptops, speakers and
controllers to class. Just bring headphones and a mouse. This class has no prerequisites.

March 2- 30th
(course 199836)
No class 3/16

April 6-27th
(course 199837)

May 4- 25th
(course 199838)

 Saturday Classes
Age: 6-11 

Resident Cost: $99

SpongeBob II
April 7-19th
No class: 3/10 or 3/17
10AM - 11AM
(Course 199814)

Brainopolis SpongeBob Gaming 

Create computer games using a coding language created by MIT.

Help Sponge Bob explore bikini bottom, make a krabby patty game,

and stop Plankton from stealing the secret formula. In session two,

help Sponge Bob to catch jelly fish and Squidward play the clarinet.

Laptop provided; bring a mouse and flash drive.

 RPG Programming

Age: 6-11 

Resident Cost: $99

Brainopolis RPG Gaming 

In role-playing video games (RPG,) players control the actions of a character.
Increase programming skills to create computer games with multiple levels and
hidden clues! Design multi-level cities, characters that interact with each other,
and an innocent-looking town with mysterious dungeons underneath.
Laptops provided; bring a mouse and flash drive.

April 7th- May 19th
(course 19924)

Spring Break

Brainopolis Spongebob Gaming CAMP

Join our group of junior programmers as we create computer games using a coding
language created by MIT. Help SpongeBob to explore Bikini Bottom, make a Krabby
Patty game, and stop Plankton from stealing the secret formula.
Brainopolis will bring a laptop for you to work in class. Bring a mouse and flash drive.

Age: 6-11

Resident Cost: $145
Monday - Friday
March 12th- March 16th
1:00 - 4:00 PM

          Ready to party?          
Enjoy the DJ Academy at     
your place or a place near    
you. We bring the equipment
and teach you how to use it  
so that you and your guest    
can become the disc jockeys
at your own party.                  

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